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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I must warn you, though. It will be sexy…

Best music video ever.

Maurice Colon interprets "Little by Little" by The Wannadies. With his body parts. (Watch it and you'll know...)

This video was made by Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith, who usually go by the name of Hammer & Tongs and are responsible for quite some real masterpieces such as the clips for Badly Drawn Boy's "Spitting in the Wind" (aka "Pissing in the Wind", featuring the fantastic Joan Collins), R.E.M.'s "Imitation of Life" und Fatboy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now", amongst others. But on the other hand this here as well.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Change every light bulb...

What a depressing week for music lovers!

Buck Owens, Nikki Sudden and Dr. Eugene Landy. All Gone.

Last night, Martin Gilks the former The Wonderstuff drummer died following a motorcycle accident.

So here are some of my favourite The Wonderstuff tracks.

Change Every Light Bulb
Don't Let Me Down Gently
Give Give Give Me More More More
Welcome To The Cheap Seats
Room 512

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Monday, April 03, 2006

They're gonna find us some day

A good song is not defined by its genre. Nor is it confined to just one genre.

A perfect example for this is the Chips Moman/Dan Penn penned (scnr) "Dark End of the Street", which was originally recorded by James Carr in 1966.

One might argue, that there is a close relationship between the soul/r&b-genre and the folk/country-genre, and the differences are mainly constituted by the predominant skin colour of the performers.

Besides these versions posted here, artists as diverse as Dolly Parton, Elvis Costello and Linda Ronstadt have recorded this song, but my collection lacks their respective take on this classic.

James Carr: The Dark End of the Street
The Flying Burrito Brothers: Dark End of the Street
Richard & Linda Thompson: The Dark End of the Street
The Moving Hearts: Dark End of the Street
The Afghan Whigs: Dark End of the Street
Billy Bragg: At the Dark End of the Street
Aretha Franklin: The Dark End of the Street
Percy Sledge: The Dark End of the Street
The Commitments: The Dark End of the Street
Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones: Dark End of the Street

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