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Friday, March 31, 2006

All that's left for us now are moments like these

Now here's the inevitable The Mountain Goats posting…

I was sort of a late-comer to the music of John Darnielle, but if there ever was a contender for the "New Bob Dylan"-moniker, I'd put my money on this one.

Being brought up on Billy Bragg and the Pogues (and the former being the most prominent reason for me switching from playing keyboards to the guitar), you just have to love John Darnielle's guitar style. I prefer someone handling the strings the way he does a million times over the styles of what are usually regarded as "good" guitarists. And don't even let me start about his gifted songwriting...

I'd really appreciate, if he re-released ALL of his old stuff on CD. A couple of weeks ago, two of the Shrimper tapes (Hot Garden Stomp and The Hound Chronicles) went up for sale on ebay, selling for $56.36 and $81.56 respectively. Now this exceeded my budget by far and dampened my completist desire a good deal.

So if anyone out there is ready to sell their copies of said cassettes at a somewhat more reasonable price, feel free to contact me. I'm looking for the Come, Come to the Sunset Tree-vinyl as well, as John Darnielle hasn't toured Europe since the release. I'd be almost as grateful, if one of you was willing to share these albums ;-)

Now here are two The Mountain Goats b-sides. The first one was taken from See America Right, the second one from Letter to Belgium.

New Chevrolet in Flames
Attention All Pickpockets

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Blogger D. said...

I'll try those from another computer, but the Mountain Goats M4a files came over as text, not audio.

Also, thank you for the Magnetic Fields, Dylan covers and the love for Nikki Sudden -- I saw him play two weeks before he died. So sad.


dan AT ruralresearchlabs DOT com

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